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We develop, design, and manufacture a comprehensive range of medical, sports, retail, and veterinary of elastic bandages and tapes.

Introducing Elasticolor

Durable elasticity with shot stretch for fixation, Wero Swiss ® Elasticolor bandages come in a rainbow of colors. Perfect for schools, universities and other athletic organizations.


OUr History

Since 1932, Wernli AG stands for bandages and tapes in Swiss quality. It is this great tradition and passion of our qualified employees, some with decades of experience, that makes Wero Swiss unique!

Swiss quality is a promise from all of us. We constantly strive for perfection to provide premium products and services that exceed the expectations of patients, health care professionals, and distribution partners. Felix Schonle took over Wero Swiss in 2009 after the company had been managed by the third generation of the Wernli family. Our new CEO further expanded Wero Swiss’s business ventures across the world. Since 2010, products are not only sold as private labels, but also under the brand name Wero Swiss.


Wero Swiss has delivered industry-leading design and quality for generations.



Adhesive, elastic kinesiology tape for sport and therapy



Bandage clips for any type of application.

Bandage Clips


Wero Swiss has partnered with industry leaders in education. 


Wero Swiss at a Glance

Wero Swiss Americas is part of the Wernli and Wero Holding AG, a family-owned group of companies specialized in the field of medical and technical textiles, based in Rothrist, Switzerland.

We develop, design, and manufacture a comprehensive range of bandages and tapes for all your needs in medical healthcare, sports, retail, and veterinary.

We specialize in contract manufacturing and offer comprehensive solutions for private label partners. Our services start with the evaluation of the perfect product mix. We produce and store customized packaging material and labels with the customer’s brand name. Individual finishing options such as self-made clips, imprint, cellophane wrapping, and mixed color assortments.

Our private label partners appreciate the low minimum order quantities, tailor-made solutions, attractive terms, and conditions as well as reliable delivery times.



The story of Henry Dunant, the founder of the International Red Cross, was told that he first cut up his own shirt to bandage a wounded man. Because of this selfless deed, the development of dressing materials has made huge strides, thanks in part to the efforts of Wernli AG. Jakob Wernli founded the company in 1932 when he started to produce the first bandages in his living room. Our headquarters, Wero Swiss, is located in the heart of Europe, Rothrist, Switzerland. Most of the Wero group’s product research, development, manufacturing, distribution, and administrative activities are located in Rothrist. From this geographically ideal location, we can distribute our products around the world.


Unmatched Quality

The full range of products is also available under the renowned brand name Wero Swiss. The high-quality packaging material comes in an attractive design; color-coded single boxes for pharmacies, retail, and similar sales channels as well as classical hospital boxes.  

Wernli AG (Wero Swiss) reached a major milestone with the launch of its variety of colored bandages in the 1970s. These bandages were first presented at the medical trade fair in Zurich and are now used across the world. Since then, Wero Swiss has successfully innovated and developed its product range. Aside from the various colored bandages, Wero Swiss is also known for its cohesive and adhesive bandages. Together with the compression dressings, these are the main product groups.

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