Our Team

Carmen Recupero

Carmen Recupero has over 25 years of experience as a rehab professional and leader in healthcare. She has certified hundreds of therapists in lymphatic therapy and speaks nationally and internationally on various sports medicine, medical, therapeutic and business topics. A results-oriented and experienced executive. Strategic program and product development, implementation, and execution. She converts inefficiencies into best practices and marginal outcomes into sustainable results.

Twenty-five years of experience in leadership roles with hospitals/health systems, health care start-ups, medical device development, focusing on creating innovative partnerships and synergies to enhance the mission, vision, and goals for effectively improving the community health status while maintaining fiscal accountability through superior product innovation and elite service strategies


Felix Schönle

Felix Schönle, a healthcare entrepreneur and CEO of multiple endeavors is skilled at transforming small businesses into large players in the medical manufacturing arena. Over 30 years of experience in the business and medical fields over broad areas including governmental, hospital management, device consulting, executive medical coaching and leadership and quality manufacturing, Wero Swiss is proud to have Felix leading the team.

Carmen Recupero, CLT, MBA
VP Sales - North & South America
(540) 357-2084

Felix Schönle