Textile Competence

The textile know-how of Wero Swiss is based on our qualified employees with many years of experience in processing high-quality yarn such as cotton, polyamide, polyurethane, viscose, and other fine raw materials. Our research team develops innovative products for unmet clinical demands and individual customer requirements. Cooperation with universities and research institutes brings brilliant ideas to great products.

Manufacturing Expertise

Only the finest natural yarns and best synthetic fibers result in a high-quality medical textile. We only process raw material from certified suppliers in Europe. Thanks to universal usable warping and weaving systems, we can process the most diverse yarns. Customized production systems developed in-house are used to warp pure cotton products. Single threads of up to 486 spools are processed to warping beams. The weaving department is the heart of textile production.

The production facility consists of looms for textile bandages, bandages with rubber threads, and rigid technical bandages. Fiber monitors automatically stop the weaving machine if a thread tears.

Our long-term employees have a high level of material and technical expertise. Their accuracy, daily dedication, and excellent manual skills are key to operate the looms and create a premium quality product. This is where textiles become precious medical products.

In compliance with the highest hygiene standards, the semi-finished products are shrunk under steam, heat dried, washed, and bleached if required to achieve desired elasticity. Cohesive bandages are coated with natural latex or with a latex-free adhesive. Adhesive bandages are produced in three versions of adhesive strength. The versatile manufacturing facilities guarantee a flexible, cost-effective production of small to large scale series, and allow us to provide customized finishing options.

Final touches are made in the packing department. Whether it is cellophane wrapping, self-made medical clips, imprints, special labeling, or shrinking according to sales units; we provide customized packing solutions! Our offering even includes mixed color assortments. Despite modern machinery, a great deal of work is still made by hand. This includes manual final inspection and quality control.